Discuss US Foreign Policy With Secretary of State John Kerry in an Hangout

U.S. Department of state is kicking off a set of online series called Hangouts at State to bring people across the nation’s borders to discuss with U.S. Government leaders their pressing policy issues.
As a first event in this series, U.S. secretary of state John Kerry is participating in a live conversation via Google+ hangout on April 19th 2013 with americans across the country.

john kerry google+ hangout

John Kerry Google+ hangout about foreign affairs (Images: Google+)

This event will be moderated by NBC news chief and foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

Got a question about any of these foreign policy issues : democracy promotion, human rights, counter terrorism efforts, economic development, climate change or drug interdiction?

Then please prepare your question and head on to state department’s Google+ page on the specified date to discuss it directly with John Kerry.


April 19th 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT


Online via hangout at state department’s Google+ page

How to join the hangout?

RSVP via this event

Of-course there will be more hangouts in the future but this one will be of more significance since John Kerry himself is going to address your questions.

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