Google+ Android App Version 2.6 Released With Brand New Look and Experience

Few days ago google+ iphone app released with a major UI overhaul and new features. Yesterday they have released version…

Shake and send feedback from Google+ iphone app

Google+ Iphone Mobile App : Just Shake the Phone and Send Feedback [Video]

Got a feedback or suggestion about your google+ iphone mobile app? Then google+ mobile team wants to hear about it….

Hangout from Google+ Messenger

Google+ Android App With New Features Released Today!

Are you a Google+ android mobile app user? We’ve got new update for you; Google+ mobile team has released new…

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Google+ Android App With Search, +1’s of Photos and Comments, High Resolution Photos and More Released!

Remember couple of days back we wrote about the release of google+ iphone app with new features and updates. We also…

Google+ search in iOS iPhone App

Google+ iPhone App With New Updates (High Resolution Photo Uploads, Search and +1 Photos) Released!

Are you a Google+ user and use iPhone (iOS) to access your Google+ account? Then you have some good news…


Google+ Feature for Google Apps for Business Is Released and Ready for Use!

One of the most requested and much awaited feature, using Google+ social network with your Google Apps for business account…


Google+ Api Update to Search Posts, People, List of Re-Sharing, People Who +1’d and Comments Released!

Around couple of weeks ago, Google+ api was first released with few functionalities. Now more features are added and an update…

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Google+ Iphone App With New Updates Released – Now You Can Join Hangouts Right From Your Iphone App!

Are you an Google+ iphone mobile user? Then you got great news today – A new iphone app update version…

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Google+ Hangouts Api Released as Developer Preview, Get Instant Access and Start Building Collaborative Apps!

We are pretty sure now almost everyone knows what a Google+ hangouts is. It is the one of the popular…


Google+ Api for Developers (V1) in Java, Gwt, .net, Objective-C, Php, Python and Ruby Released and Ready for Download!!

We talked about google+ team was accepting registrations for the Google Plus Api in an earlier post. Now exactly after a month,…

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The Future of Google Photos Photo Oggling

Big thanks to +Brian Rose and +Trey Ratcliff  for letting us in on some of the future features of Google…

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Re-Sharing a Post With Your Circles on Google Plus Iphone App Update Released!

Last week google plus mobile team released a new feature re-sharing a post in google plus android app. But this…

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Re-Sharing a Post With Your Circles on Google+ Android App / Mobile App Released!

Google plus is growing at an enormous rate not only in terms of users (25+ million users) but also in…

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How to Disable Instant Upload to Google Plus From Your Android or Iphone App?

One of the cool features of google plus mobile app is instant upload i.e upload the pictures or video as…


Google+ Applications Would Be a Nice Feature That Will Rival Competitors

We are not sure or have any indication of google+ applications are coming. But we think it would be a…