pan zoom photos in google+

Google+ Lightbox Offers Pan and Zoom Feature on Desktops!

Google+ can easily brag about being a home to large number of leading photographers in the world. They are one…

Lightbox photo view to edit photos

Creative Kit (Previously Picnik) a Free Online Photo Editing Tool on Google+

Adobe photoshop (commercial) and GIMP (free and open source) are a couple of powerful and popular desktop photo editing applications…

Google+ photos Fireworks and New Year's party special effects

Google+ Photos New Year’s Party and Fireworks Seasonal Effects Added to Creative Kit!

We are just one day away (here in the US) before kicking off and celebrating New Year 2012 while in…

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Google+ photos in fullscreen

Google+ Photos With New Photo Lightbox, Full Screen, Tagging and More Features Released (Video)!

It is holiday season and this is the time people share lot of their memorable moments with their friends, family…


Happy Diwali and a Night Time Satellite View of India Went Viral on Google+!

Today is Diwali a.k.a Deepavali, the festival of lights celebrated by Indians in India and around the world including here…

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How to Download Original Full Picture or Photo From Google+ Photos?

You might have already uploaded and shared a photo or picture with a person or a circle on Google+ photos….


How to Limit or Lock Your Posts, Photos or Albums From Being Re-Shared in Google Plus?

You had been to an office or a family function and you snapped a picture of it. Now you want…


The Future of Google Photos Photo Oggling

Big thanks to +Brian Rose and +Trey Ratcliff  for letting us in on some of the future features of Google…

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Google’s Picasa Web Album Soon to Be Renamed as Google Photos

Enjoy using the free picasa web album? You are going to enjoy even better.