Google PhotoScan Android App

Google Launches PhotoScan Android App : Scanner From the Future

Using image scanners are out of fashion and its even harder to find one these days. Moreover it is bulky,…

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Firefox 34.0 Yahoo Search Update

How to Switch to Google Search After Firefox Yahoo Update?

Firefox recently announced their search partnership with Yahoo and rolling out Firefox 34.0 with Yahoo Search as their default search engine.

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New “You’Re Missing Out on Some Cool Stuff” Message While Searching Without Signin

Just spotted this “Looks like you’re missing out on some cool stuff” message appearing along the google search results.


YouTube Google+ Comments Introduces New Tools to Combat Spam

YouTube comments team is introducing new tools to combat spam after hearing feedback and complaints that Google+ comment integration found…

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Beware of Google+ Invite Scam

Google+ product is in limited, signup only by invite mode right now. Google is tirelessly working on fixing some bugs…

Google+ was #8 out of top 10 social networks and blog in the US

Google+ Ranks 8th Position in Top 10 US Social Networks and Blogs According to Nielsen’s Report!

Nielsen’s, a global leader in measurement and information has released their infamous Nielsen’s tops 0f 2011 report by reviewing top…

Google+ or Google Plus search on #1 search engine shot up by > 10000%

Google+ or Google Plus Was the #2 Fastest Rising Search in 2011 on Google Search Engine!

In just few days we are going to say good bye to year 2011 and welcome new year 2012. Inorder…

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+1 Button Is Now Everywhere, Whether You ‘like’ It or Not

Last week, Google+ team upgraded the +1 button giving it the functionality without which it was little more than a…

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Filling My Circles

Well, I did it.  I held my breath, logged into Facebook after a year and a half and was inundated…


Controlling My Circles

I’m excited about Google+.  The concept fits perfectly with my personality. I don’t like big parties.  When I throw parties…

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How to Do Delete a Google Plus Profile and All the Data Associated With It?

Want to delete google plus profile and the data associated with it? then please readon…


Google Plus Satisfaction Survey

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since google plus has launched in field trial mode and there are already…

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Gmail Going Social With the Integration of Google+ Wohoo!!

Google is working on Gmail and Google+ integration. But before implementing their own ideas, they would like to do some…


Google Takeout – Export Your Data From Google Products Made Easy

One of the goal that google tries to achieve is data openness. As a owner of your own data you should…