Gmail Going Social With the Integration of Google+ Wohoo!!

Google is working on Gmail and Google+ integration. But before implementing their own ideas, they would like to do some brainstorming with other google+ / gmail users.

Mark Striebeck – Engineering Manager for Gmail frontend has posted the following on Google+.

As you can imagine, we are working on several Gmail / Google+ integrations. But similar to some of my Google colleagues, I want to use the creativity and momentum here for some larger brainstorming in a Hangout on Tuesday, July 12 at 3pm (PDT).

I’m pretty sure that all of you use some email client – many probably Gmail. But regardless of the client:
– What email features would make it easier to interact with Google+?
– How could we integrate Google+ features into Gmail?
– How can we integrate social concepts in Gmail to make the email experience itself better?

Normally a hangout is limited to maximum 10 participants. Most of the time hangouts by Google fill up in fraction of seconds. Not sure how much people they are going to take for this hangout, no matter what it’s going to fill out fast. Since this is an Google+ hangout, it’s going to be limited to google+ users.


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  1. William Delaforce

    1. A feature in Gmail to send email to one or more of your circles.
    2. Ability to see incoming notifications as emails
    3. What about reviving Google Wave to integrate into Plus as a real-time communication tool with your circles

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