Google Search Android App Released With Traffic Incidents, Voice Actions, Package Cards Features!

Google Search for Android today got a new update version with around 7 new features including Traffic Incidents, Voice Actions,…


Google Search Android App Update Released

Google Search for Android Smartphones has just released a new update dubbed version and available on Play Store.

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google+ search filter photos

Google+ Search Now Supports Filtering of All Types : Photos, Posts, Hangouts, Events, Communities, Etc!

Search in Google+ is a powerful feature that allows to quickly find interesting content within the network. It started with…

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Google+ incoming stream gone, before and after view of the left panel

Google+ Incoming Stream Is Gone for Good and Here Are the Reasons Why It Won’t Be Required Anymore!

One of the features that came with the initial launch of Google+ was the Google+ incoming stream. This is a…

Search for public hangouts in Google+

Google+ Location Search by City / Zipcode and How to Search for Public Hangouts!

Our earlier post about Google+ search covered some of the basic features available during that time. Since then couple of…

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How to Search in Google Plus? – You Heard It Right, a Key Missing Feature in Google+!!

It’s been a more than a month since google plus launched and so far our experience with google+ is smooth…

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