circle ribbon renamed to find people

Circles Icon in App Ribbon Renamed to ‘Find People’ With More Features Today!

Google+ team today renamed the Circles icon in App ribbon (refer image) to Find people with some major enhancements to…

Gmail notification message when someone adds you

Add to Circles Right From Your Gmail Notifications Email When Someone Adds You in Google+

When someone follows or adds you to their circle you get a notification email (if you have enabled notifications settings…

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Google voice with Groups and Google+ Circles setting

Now Google Voice Gets Google+ Love : Adds Google+ Circles to Customize and Manage Your Calls!

After many Google products that has got Google+ features, now it’s Google voices turn to get that social touch. They…

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Filling My Circles

Well, I did it.  I held my breath, logged into Facebook after a year and a half and was inundated…


Controlling My Circles

I’m excited about Google+.  The concept fits perfectly with my personality. I don’t like big parties.  When I throw parties…

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What Is Google+?

Google+ is a social network by Google the #1 in search engine. Even though there exists other social networks, Google…