export import of google+ circles in csv vcard pdf or html format

How to Export Google+ Circles in vCard, Csv, Pdf or Html Format?

Interested in managing your Google+ circles offline via your favorite tools like spreadsheet? or like to import circles into your…

Google+ account transfer to another google+ profile

How to Transfer Circles From One Account to Another?

Since the launch of Google+ pages we were asked from a large number of our readers about How would i…

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label circles in gmail

Gmail and Google+ Circles : Circle Label, Detailed Contacts and Circle Listing With Profile Pictures

Gmail one of the flagship google product is getting deeper integration with the google+ social network. Previously you might have…

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Customizing Your Circles in G+

Customize ‘Your Circles’ for Best Results and Targeted Google+ Sharing

You wrote a post or want to share a interesting link (that you came across online) with your circles in…

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Google voice with Groups and Google+ Circles setting

Now Google Voice Gets Google+ Love : Adds Google+ Circles to Customize and Manage Your Calls!

After many Google products that has got Google+ features, now it’s Google voices turn to get that social touch. They…

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Filter Stream Show Nothing

How to Control Your Google+ Main Incoming Stream (Filter Stream by Circles)?

After joining Google+ you started to follow quite a lot of interesting people, created circles and organized people based on…


Webmasters!, Google Friend Connect Dropped in Favor of Google+ Pages and Badges!

Google friend connect (a.k.a GFC) was a cool feature that allowed site webmaster’s to add social features to their sites…


US President Barack Obama on Google+ : It Would Be Cool to Meet Him Through Google+ Hangouts!

It was first individuals then celebrities joined Google+ briefly followed by businesses through Google+ pages. Guess who is next? You…

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Are You Seeing Lots of Users in Gtalk or Chat? It’s Because Circles for Chat Automatically Adds and Shows People in Mutual Circles!

Are you surprised by seeing quite a lot of users on your gtalk/google chat than you normally do? Don’t be…


How to Download/export Profile, Posts, Circles and Contacts as Zip or Json File in Google+?

You joined Google+ and let’s say at some point you decided to leave the network. One thing immediately comes to…


Search and Watch Youtube Videos Within Google+!

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most watched video site on the web. Let’s say you are in Google+ and…


How to Share Circles in Google+? Yes Now You Can Share Your Circles With Other People or Other Circles!!

Ever wondered how to share circles in google+? Now you can. Sharing circles was one of most sought out feature…


Are You an Art Lover? Then You Want to Meet Some of the Artist Friends on Google+!

Love art? Then you may be interested in friend’ing or circle’ing some of the artists on Google+.

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Google Plus Suggested User List Released: A Page With List of Famous People You Can Follow on Google+

Google plus as we all know is still in field trial mode and not yet launched for public signup. As…


How to Reorder Circles in Google+?

Circles is a whole new concept introduced in google+ and it is undeniably one of the most popular feature in google+.