How to Download/export Profile, Posts, Circles and Contacts as Zip or Json File in Google+?

You joined Google+ and let’s say at some point you decided to leave the network. One thing immediately comes to mind is, what will happen to all my data you created?

Google+ strongly believes in data openness and the only popular social network that allows to download/export your data as you go (Your data is owned by you).

Data liberation (download export data)
Data liberation (download export data)

Here are the simple steps to download / export data

  • Goto
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right
  • Select Google+ settings options
  • Click on Data liberation
  • Click on Download your data to download all data at one shot
  • You’ll also find other following options to download individual data (profile, posts, circles / contacts)
    • Click on Download your Profile data to download your profile data as a .json file
    • Click on Download your Stream data to download your posts as .zip file
    • Click on Download your Circles and Contacts to download circles and contacts as .zip file
Delete profile and Google account
Delete profile and Google account
Once your data is exported or downloaded if you choose to delete your profile and associated data
  • Select Account overview option
  • Under Services
    • Delete profile and Google+ features
    • Delete entire Google account
With all the cool and unique features available on Google+, we don’t think you’ll ever use this option. But we want to let the users know that the this option is available explicitly on Google+.

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  1. I used it to export my Google+ data connected to my gmail adress, intended to upload it to my brand new Google+ account connected to my Google apps email adress. Sad part is: Google let you take out your data, but not upload it into a new account. That would actually be awesome

    1. Ha! I just discovered the same thing. What a let-down. First one can’t merge or link G+ accounts (as one can YouTube accounts made before 2009) and then some genius approves data export without a corresponding import. Someone needs a beating :-/

  2. Thanks for sharing this tips to us. All of the things that you shared are all useful and helpful for a business to become successful. Good thing that you shared this kind of information.

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