Poll: How Often Do You Use Google+ Hangouts?

Hangouts one of the most popular feature on Google+ is changing the way how we interact face to face on…

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Google+ feedback dialog

Google+ Hangouts on Air Team Looking for User Feedback

Google+ Hangouts on Air team is looking for user feedback with few simple questions. It is just a small form…

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User experience studies at Google

Google Is Looking for Volunteers to Its User Experience Studies

Are you a google fan or use one or more of their products everyday? Do you want to make a…


Google+ Whitespace Poll : Are You Bothered by the Whitespace in the New Google+?

Google+ has redesigned and released a whole new look and feel few days back. It is a fluid layout which…

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Google+ Redesign Poll : Do You Like the New Layout and the Design?

Google has rolled out a all new layout and design of Google+ hashtagged as #newgoogleplus. Do you love the new…

Google privacy policy changes

Google Unified Privacy Policy Changes Poll / Survey!

Google recently announced the launch of one single, shorter and easier to read Privacy policy spanning across 60+ google products…

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Google+ named hangouts

Quick Google+ Survey : What Would Be an Ideal Maximum Users/participants for Google+ Hangouts?

One of the pressing question we often get asked as well as we thought of hearing from the community is…

Google+ survey for Dec 2011

Google+ User Research Survey for December 2011 : Share Your Google+ Experience and Opinions!

We hope you are having a nice time on Google+ and pretty sure you are enjoying all the unique features…

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How to Create and Run a Poll or Survey in Google+?

Google+ is a pretty young but the fastest growing social network. Being relatively new it lacks certain features; for example…


How Often Do You Use Google+ Social Network? a Quick Google+ Users Survey!

It’s been over 3 months since the launch of the Google+ social network. The network has already crossed 40+ million…

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Google+ User Experience Survey : User Experience Researcher Asks for Your Feedback!

Are you a google+ user? Happy or frustrated about a feature in Google+? Want your voice to be heard? Here…


Do You Like or Agree With Google+ Real Name Policy? – a Quick Poll / Survey!

We have earlier covered about Google+ real name policy and also wrote a detailed post about Google+ is an identity service.


What Are Your Favorite Google Plus Features?

Google plus has been launched in free trial mode with quite few unique and general features that are available in…


Google Plus Satisfaction Survey

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since google plus has launched in field trial mode and there are already…

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What Are Your Favorite Social Networks You Use Everyday?

Social networks play an important role in our life. Here is a poll we created that will help to share…