Google+ User Experience Survey : User Experience Researcher Asks for Your Feedback!

Are you a google+ user? Happy or frustrated about a feature in Google+? Want your voice to be heard? Here is your chance to help improve make Google+ better.

+Kimberly Johnson, a User Experience Researcher on Google+ team has setup a survey to collect thoughts from google+ users.

Do you find a feature hard to use or could have been done better in a different way? Then please share your thoughts. The survey has fewer questions and may only take about 5 minutes.

Here is what she expects on the survey (in her own words)

Hello everyone! Here on the Google+ User Experience Research team, we’re always working to improve Google+ and make our features easy to use.. We’ve put together this quick survey on some words you may have encountered in the product that we’d love to get your thoughts about.

We’re much more interested in what you think than the “correct” answer, so please don’t go looking for answers until after you’ve completed the survey (I’ll post explanations of these terms on my Google+ profile in the next week, too). Of course, if you know all the answers without looking them up, that’s great too 🙂

If you’re not sure, take your best guess – and if you really have no idea, simply write “I don’t know”.

Thanks so much for your help! Your answers here will help us make Google+ clear and usable for everyone!

Please participate and provide your feedback through Help make Google+ better form, thanks.


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