New Google+ Share and Plus One Button’s Released

Google+ Widgets team has released an all new redesigned +1 and share buttons that look consistent with Google+ badges.

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Google+ comments with new updated font color

Google+ Comments Font Is Updated With a New Darker Color (Previous Redesign Made Is Lighter)

After the recent Google+ redesign and major UI overhaul one of the things we kept hearing for G+ users was…

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Google+ with whitespace on high resolution monitors

Google+ Whitespace : Is It Really a Big Deal?

Google+ released its updated and brand new look few days ago. The change was welcomed by the google+ community and…


Google+ Whitespace Poll : Are You Bothered by the Whitespace in the New Google+?

Google+ has redesigned and released a whole new look and feel few days back. It is a fluid layout which…

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Google+ Redesign Poll : Do You Like the New Layout and the Design?

Google has rolled out a all new layout and design of Google+ hashtagged as #newgoogleplus. Do you love the new…

Google+ new design / look and feel

Google+ Gets a Major UI Overhaul, Clean and Crisp : Is Google+ Precursor for the Next Web Operating System?

Like many of us, if you have logged into Google+ today, you may have been greeted with a great surprise….