How to Gain Business Success From Google+ in 2015?

It may not be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ has gained traction, especially with businesses who want…

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Three Quick Ways to Get Permalinks for Any Google+ Post

Permalinks are permanent links or URL’s to any individual web entity; for example a blog post, tweet, website, etc., that…

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hangouts easter eggs commands

Hangout Easter Eggs : Have More Fun While Hanging Out!

Hangouts the realtime face to face communication feature on Google+ is always fun, Want even more fun?

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How to Disable Instant Upload on Google+ Iphone App?

Instant upload is a convenient feature in Google+ iphone app which when enabled automatically uploads photos and videos from your…

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Schedule events with future date for long term hangouts

How to Bookmark Google+ Hangout Link or Url to Use Again and Again?

Google+’s most popular feature hangouts is being used in many ways.  For example: business meetings, chef hangouts, news anchors meeting…

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Post to google+ via sms (enable settings)

Google+ Sms Commands List to Post by Sms / Texting With Examples

Google+ supports posting by sms right from the beginning to support millions of devices that don’t have internet connectivity and…

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Donot Run Contests, Sweepstakes, Offers, Coupons or Promotions on Google+ Pages

New businesses join google+ everyday and promote their brand using google+ pages. Yesterday we shared about Cadbury’s UK success story…

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Reorder and Customize Google+ Navigation Ribbon or Icons

After the major google+ redesign they have made it easy for us to navigate among various features by switching from…

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Google+ search start a discussion on any topic!

Start a Discussion (About Any Topic) With Your Circles Right From Google+ Search!

You searched for a favorite topic using Google+ search and found interesting results that get shared by other G+ users. Looking…

Google+ hashtag autocomplete suggestions

Google+ Hashtags With Auto Complete Suggestions Released [Video]!

You might have already used or heard about #hashtags in Google+. It is a powerful feature to tag related content…

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Bookmark or save Favorite posts in Google+

How to Bookmark or Save Favorite Posts in Google+?

You came across that interesting post/content on Google+ but you were on a rush so didn’t get a chance to…

Disable comments on public posts for Anyone

How to Disable Comments in Public Posts or Flag and Report Spam Links in Comments?

Do you write public posts in Google+ and see comments from people you don’t know or not in your circles?…

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Are You Seeing Lots of Users in Gtalk or Chat? It’s Because Circles for Chat Automatically Adds and Shows People in Mutual Circles!

Are you surprised by seeing quite a lot of users on your gtalk/google chat than you normally do? Don’t be…


Google+ Chat Allows to Chat With Anyone Who Exist in Mutual Circles!

When we polled for favorite features few months ago, Google+ chat surprisingly came as one of the most popular features…

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Quick Tip : Nested Comments, Replies and Discussions on Google+

You are on the Google+ stream page and you read content(s) shared by others. When you find it interesting or…

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