Hangout Easter Eggs : Have More Fun While Hanging Out!

Hangouts the realtime face to face communication feature on Google+ is always fun, Want even more fun?

Then try these hangout easter eggs that were released as part of the Google+ redesign around 3 weeks back. We’re pretty sure you are going to love it.

Hangouts Easter Eggs

hangouts easter eggs commands

Google+ Hangouts Easter Eggs!

/ponies : A pony running across the hangout chat window

/pitchforks : angry mob running across the chat

/ponystream : ponies running across the chat (only in your local chat window)

/bikeshed : changes the background color for everyone

/shydino : a little shy dino shows up

To change your local hangout window background

Press these keys while in the hangout window…

<uparrow> <uparrow> <downarrow> <downarrow> <left arrow> <right arrow> <left arrow> <right arrow> B A and then press ENTER

How to use these commands?

Just type the above easter egg command for eg. /ponystream in the hangout window (refer image on the right) and press ENTER key, that’s it.

NOTE: These easter eggs will only work on web version of hangouts as shown in the image on the right.


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