Google+ Chat Allows to Chat With Anyone Who Exist in Mutual Circles!

When we polled for favorite features few months ago, Google+ chat surprisingly came as one of the most popular features in Google+.

With chat being more important, more features were added to chat and more ways to connect through the chat feature.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of new features

  • Now chat with anyone on Google+ by typing their name in chat section of Google+ (with one condition, that person must have you in one of their circles [mutual circles]. previously only if you know their email address, add and confirm you’ll be able to chat)
  • Google+ chat list will show only users you had recent conversations with instead of showing all the contacts (Type a name in the search within chat to talk to a person)
  • When both of you have in each others circle, you’ll be to chat across other google products like Gmail, Google+, Orkut and GTalk client

Also try these secret chat emoticons on Google+ chat (a.k.a Google+ chat Easter eggs)

“<@%" "~=[,,_,,]:3" note: please ignore the double quotes Enjoy!!!

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  1. Acharya@property in mumbai

    Nice post as usual,by realeasing all such a powerful features in google plus,google had again showed his dominance in the internet world.

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