What Is Google+ Ripples With Video (A Visual Analytics Tool to Analyse How Your Posts Are Shared/re-Shared)?

You write a post and share with your friends, family, circles or with the public (anyone can see your post and appears in search results). Do you like to know what happens after you shared?

That is exactly what Google+ ripples is all about. Google+ ripples (visual analytics tool to analyse viral nature of social networks) visually layout how your post gets shared/re-shared within Google+. The diagram nicely draws out from the post being originally shared by the author and how in stages being re-shared over a period of time. (A time segment with option to play back over time is available on the bottom of the ripple page)

How to use Google+ ripples?

  • Goto your Google+ stream
  • Find any public post (any post that says Public in the top)
  • Click on the drop down arrow on the right of the post
  • Click on View Ripples
  • It’ll show you the Google+ ripples page with a visual diagram of how the post is shared
For example, check out this public post from Larry Page

A Halloween #gplushalloween tagged post from Larry

Here is the Google+ ripple for it

Google+ ripple diagram for the above post

A quick video explaining What is Google+ ripples?

This is a cool and in-depth visualization of what happened to the post we shared (In addition to the aggregate of how many +1’s, comment’s and re-shares that appears within the post).

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