Britney Spears on Google+

Britney Spears Is the First and Fastest User to Reach 2 Million+ Followers on Google+

If you would have come across one of our earlier posts, you might have already aware that Britney Spears is…

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Google+ top 10 users with million+ followers

Top 10 Most Popular Google+ Users With Over Million+ Followers!

Wondering which G+ user to circle/follow or curious about most popular/followed people on Google+? Aim of this post is to…

Larry page with million+ followers on Google+

Larry Page Is Now Second Most Followed People on Google+ to Cross One Million Followers!

Around 10 days ago, we reported about Britney spears becoming the first and the fastest person on Google+ to reach one million…

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Britney Spears One Million+ Followers in Google+

Britney Spears First and Fastest Google+ User to Reach One Million Followers!

You might have already read our Britney Spears joining Google+ post as well as she becoming the most popular person on Google+…


Britney Spears Is the Most Popular Person on Google+ (Clinched #1 Spot From Larry Page)!

Few weeks back we reported about Mark Zuckerberg losing the most popular person on Google+ (by followers) to Larry Page. And…

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Larry Page Clinches Most Popular or Followers Spot on Google+ From Mark Zuckerburg!

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of facebook had a verified profile on Google+ right from the beginning and was holding the #1…

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