Larry Page Is Now Second Most Followed People on Google+ to Cross One Million Followers!

Around 10 days ago, we reported about Britney spears becoming the first and the fastest person on Google+ to reach one million followers and created history.

Now right after around a week later, Larry Page Google’s CEO who was the second most followed people on Google+ to cross that million+ mark. Yesterday he joined the million followers club on Google+.

Larry page with million+ followers on Google+

Larry page with million+ followers on Google+

As of this writing Larry Page has 1004596 followers which makes him the second most followed google+ user on the network just next to Britney Spears who as of this writing has over 1137224 (1.1 million+) followers.

Curiosity arises immediately, who is going to be the next to join this million followers club on Google+?

According to our predictions, most likely it’s going to be Snoop Dogg with 987394 users (as of this writing) going to be the next to join this club.

Congrats to Larry Page on joining the million+ followers club on Google+ (a social network which is the brain child of your social initiative at Google!)

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