Google+ Usage Growing 1269% in a Week and 2 Million Users Joined a Day Since Launch of Public Open Beta Signup!!

Google+ social network was launch in field trial mode around 3 months ago and we all know it’s growing at a steady pace since then. We have reported about reaching 10 million in 2 weeks, followed by 20 million in 3 weeks and after a month reaching 25 million users.

Now some unofficial / unconfirmed data suggests Google+ has crossed 50 million users, however it is yet to be confirmed (We are waiting for some real data). All the above were achieved during field trial mode – there was no open signup’s and signup’s were only through invites from existing google+ users. Based on the growth achieved so far, Google+ still holds the fastest growing social network title to date.

A week ago, Google+ opened it’s doors and was launched in open beta so that anyone was able to signup and join the network. Since then the growth is phenomenal.

According to Hitwise, during this one week period (Sept 17th 2011 – Sept 24th 2011) visits to Google+ has grown 1269% which in turn means 2 million users joined per day, a remarkable achievement. If we do the math, it is easily possible that Google+ should have crossed the 50 million users mark. In terms of traffic, Google+ jumped to 8th most visited site from the earlier 54th most visited site on the internet (in Social networking and forums category).

Meanwhile Facebook added some new features and undergone major UI changes which made quite a lot of their user base unhappy. Although open beta signup in Google+ and major changes in Facebook were a coincidence, unhappy facebook users quickly loved and adopted the new Google+ social network which helped to fuel the growth. We are pretty sure by this year end, Google+ will reach its next big milestone i.e 100+ million users. Let’s wait and see for that moment.


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