Google+ Traffic Plunges 60% and Users Moving Away, Really?

Few days back if you would have noticed, there was quite a buzz online that Google+ social network’s traffic plunged or plummeted 60% and users are logging off. Really? Is there any truth in it?

The original story appeared on Daily Mail. Let’s take a step back and look at the progress of Google+,

Google+ launched around 3 months ago in field trial mode (signup’s are only through invites) and since then it steadily grows. We’ve reported earlier about google+ reaching 10 million users in 2 weeks, 20 million users in 3 weeks, 25 million users in a month and recent unofficial numbers suggest it has crossed the 50 million mark. With these statistics, Google+ holds the fastest growing social network status.

Then couple of weeks ago, Google+ was launched as a beta product and allowed public open signups (where invites are not required). Since opened for public signup’s, it was quite natural that google+ traffic spiked to a whopping 1269% and later it cooled down steady to 480%. So, in fact the traffic has grown at least 480% compared to the earlier private invite only signup mode, which is still growth right? Then how could this be construed as traffic plunged / plummeted?

Moreover there is a huge spike in celebrities joining Google+ (checkout recent post about Britney spears on Google+Dalai Lama hangout on Google+Black Eyed Peas hangout) which is already drawing a large number of new users. We believe, social is a whole new ball game to Google and therefore there is nothing to loose, it’s all to gain. Google+ users including ourselves love all the great and unique features (google+ circles, hangouts, etc) so far on the network.

We strongly DON’T believe that there is any truth in traffic to Google+ has gone down (whereas the fact is, it has grown around five fold 480%)

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  1. John Mayson

    I still have to wonder… had Google allowed their Apps customers to have access would G+ taken on more critical mass?  We’re their biggest evangelists.

    • Kringo

      I strongly believe they’ll be doing this in the near future. My best guess is they are trying to roll this over to the public first, get feedback, brush it up before bringing it to the corporate. It’s tough to convince corporate to get social 🙂 You know what i mean.

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