Google Plus Reaches 25 Million Users the Fastest of Any Social Network

We’ve shared news about the growth numbers of google plus social network in our previous posts.

Google plus reached 10 million users

Google plus reached 20 million users

Now we are glad to share another great news that google plus has reached another milestone of 25 million users adding to it’s statistics. It is the fastest growth of any social network in history.

Here are some of  social network growth statistics

  • Facebook reached 25 million users in 3 years
  • Twitter reached in 2.5 years
  • MySpace reached 25 million in around 2 years

Google+ reached 25 million users just in record time of one (1) month (important point to note here is,  google+ still not available for the general public and signup’s were only by invitation)

We have given 100’s of invitations and still we are overwhelmed with requests for google+ signup which shows how much people are interested in joining google+

Google hasn’t officially released any numbers yet, the above numbers came from independent 3rd party, i.e comScore in this case. As we all know, google’s bar are very high and as usual they’ll surprise the world with the official numbers.


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