Social Network User Statistics as of July 2011

Social networks have grown phenomenally over the last few years.  Google+ is the newcomer to the list of social networks.

Google plus is still in free trial mode and not yet launched to the public. Being relatively new, it has a long way to go in terms of features (also keep in mind that google+ has brought in new innovative features that no other social network currently has) and user base. Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 25 million users in just a month.

So, we thought it would be really interesting for our viewers to know the current user base of all the popular social networks.

Here is a quick recoup of social networks user base as of July 2011.

Facebook 750 million users
Twitter 250 million users
LinkedIn 115 million users
MySpace 50 million users
Google Plus 25 million users

It would be really interesting to closely watch these numbers change over the next few months or years.


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  1. Prakhar

    The current demand from the youth is a networking site which in itself is self sufficient for providing an individual with all the needs like- songs, videos, friends, messages, jobs, vacancies, parties and everything for which one never gets bored out as we got with facebook now.
    The networking site should even contain softwares and discussion forum to provide a user with all round needs, which i believe google can only do and do it easily.

  2. dan10dan

    I think this list will look very different in six months. My space will not even be on the list. However I am not sure how they ended up on the list considering that I have not looked at myspace for six months. 

  3. Anonymous

    Google+ have great potential for business….if Google want to truly go social….perhaps now is the time to consider employing an Anthropologist or Service Market Guru!  Consumers know what they want; the consumer is now more knowledgeable and experienced.  An Anthropologist or Service Market Guru would be beneficial; thus making better use of the resources available.   

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