Google+ Mobile App Ranks no.4 in Top 10 Mobile Apps in the World [Infographic]

Google+ mobile app is now the fourth most popular application used by a billion smartphone users around the world just…

June 2012 statistics of Google+ puts it at No.5 of social networks in the US

Google+ Now Ranks 5th in Top 10 Social Media Websites for June 2012 According Hitwise

Google+ has been continuously growing over the past few months and was steadily holding No. 8th rank for a while…

Google+ official user statistics as of Jan 2012

Google+ Has 90 Million+ Users According to Official Statistics as of Jan 2012 From Google!

Google today put an end to the speculation of How many users does Google+ actually have? As we stated in our…

Google+ 49 million unique users in U.S

Google+ Has 49 Million Unique Users in US Alone as of December 2011!

One of the buzz word you continuously keep hearing in the social media world is How much users does Google+ have? To know…

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Hitwise Google+ statistics for December 2011

Google+ Enjoys Steady Growth for Last 8 Out of 9 Weeks in the US as of December 2011!

Few days ago we shared statistics from Nielsen’s that talks about Google+ ranking 8th out of top 10 social networks…

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Google+ was #8 out of top 10 social networks and blog in the US

Google+ Ranks 8th Position in Top 10 US Social Networks and Blogs According to Nielsen’s Report!

Nielsen’s, a global leader in measurement and information has released their infamous Nielsen’s tops 0f 2011 report by reviewing top…


Google+ Statistics Update Nov 2011: Traffic Up 25% Than Last Month With 6.8 Million Total US Visits in a Week!

Google+ was launched in July 2011 and since then it recorded growth month over month. In october 2011 it officially…


Google Plus Reaches 25 Million Users the Fastest of Any Social Network

We’ve shared news about the growth numbers of google plus social network in our previous posts.


Google Plus Achieved Another Milestone It Is 20 Million Strong After 3 Weeks

We reported about the first achievement that google plus reached 10 million users exactly one week ago.

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Google+ Crosses 10 Million Users Under 2 Weeks in Just Field Trial Mode

Google+ achieved it’s first landmark – after being in field trial mode for about two weeks it has crossed the…