New Gmail Material Design LandingPage

Google Testing Material Design Gmail Landing Page

Gmail landing page is about to get a fresh new look, here is a screencast recording of what it may…

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GMail iOS App 3.1415926 With iPhone 6 Support Released

GMail team today has released an updated version 3.1415926 of its popular iOS mail app with support for the new iPhone…

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Email via Google+: “Reach More People You Know” Feature Is Rolling Out

Email via Google+, Are you waiting for the recently announced contact your Google+ connections right from Gmail (even if you don’t…


Now Email or Contact Your Google+ Connections Right From Gmail

This is a cool new feature coming soon between Google+ and Gmail. You may call this Google+ messaging through Gmail.


Gmail Android App Updated With Beautiful New Card Layout

Google has released an updated Gmail Android App for phones and tablets that shows emails in a beautiful new Card…

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Multi Language Input Tools in Gmail Launched

Gmail is rolling out Input Tools that allows to compose email’s in any of your favorite languages.

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How to Reclaim Your Old Gmail Inbox in 3 Simple Steps?

Gmail recently rolled out this new Tabbed interface which automatically categorizes your incoming emails into 5 different tabs Primary, Social,…

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Google+ post with all comments now appears inside gmail

Comment Right From Your Gmail When Someone Mentions You

Gmail is getting lots of nice google+ features built into it so that we don’t have to leave the email…

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Google contacts appear in Google+ profile

Google Contacts Gets Google+ Integration : View Your Contacts Phone, Email, Address, Etc., Details While Viewing His/her Google+ Profile

Contacts ( is the latest google product to get Google+ integration and so the social features. Watch your contacts details…

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Gmail notification message when someone adds you

Add to Circles Right From Your Gmail Notifications Email When Someone Adds You in Google+

When someone follows or adds you to their circle you get a notification email (if you have enabled notifications settings…

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Gmail Going Social With the Integration of Google+ Wohoo!!

Google is working on Gmail and Google+ integration. But before implementing their own ideas, they would like to do some…