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  1. GMail? I think you mean Picasa?
    And you can change the default “Anyone With The Link” in
    Picasa->Tools->Options->Web Albums
    and change “New Album Visibility” to Private.
    You can also manually change existing individual albums in Picasa Web Albums…

  2. a bunch of comments NOT related to the post… and mine saying that you should have taken the time to read the installation instructions while installing, you wouldn’t be crying here right now about G+ taking control of your stuff when YOU have given it authorisation to do so.

  3. Una nueva experiencia en redes sociales y Post al Blog!!! No pierdan la oportunidad de ser los primeros en probarlo. Por ahí alguién me porfiaba que era muy difícil superar Facebook. Google PLus es la prueba. Siempre va a haber algo mejor!!!

  4. hello i wan tto know more about google plus  what is the webside/  how can we open account there

  5. I agree. Many of my artists friends also are annoyed that family images and blogspot images all ended up in their photo areas on +

    It didnt bother me as I only share what I want people to see anyway

  6. I had a Fartbook account & the very reason I shut it down, was because of the policy to which you must adhere,i.e. their unfettered access to all your e-mail accounts.
    When I closed,or should say “deserted” the flock,I was given a very sternly worded admonition that I would henceforth be an “outsider”,at which point I ceased reading the Goebbelssprachen and closed the page down.
    Is it any wonder that I did so, I was receiving e-mails from people who lived in other time and space continuum;people as young as 14yrs were showing-up with not the putative 6 degrees of separation,but from places where Parents have the same Family name,BEFORE the nuptials.
    I have been a g-mail user since it was in beta format,so I see what we goe from the Squillionaires from the wrong end of the Bay.

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