How to Turn Off Subscribe to Email Notifications for All New Posts From Your Circles?

A while ago we wrote about How to get email notifications when someone in your circles writes or shares a new post on Google+? Now in this post we’ll cover about how to disable all these email notifications subscriptions quickly and easily.

This is a cool feature that helps not to miss any post from your circles (circles you subscribed for notification).

However when your enable this email notifications feature on a lot of circles there is a greater chance that your inbox could get filled up with content from your circles. One way to fix is adjust the setting on each of the subscribed circles and move the slider to an lower frequency setting.

Now, Let’s say you are going away for a few days and don’t want to fill up your  inbox. Luckily there is another easy way to disable this email notifications feature altogether instead of adjusting circle by circle with the click of a check box under Google+ settings.

turn off email notifications for new shared posts

Disable subscription to email notification when new posts shared by your circles

Just head to the Google+ settings by clicking on the gear icon drop down on the right and select Setttings.

In the Settings screen, just uncheck the checkbox that reads Shares a post and they’re in a circle I subscribe to. (refer image above)

This will turn off all notifications for new posts shared by your circles in one shot.

Later when you are back or ready you could turn it on to continue receive notifications about new posts.

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