How to Fix OnePlus One Battery Drain Issue?

Is you OnePlus One (1+1) phone battery draining or losing charge quickly after a full charge? Then please read below and perform these simple steps to improve your battery life.

This was tried and tested on OnePlus build # KTU84Q and CyanogenMod version 11.0-XNPH445 (the most recent version of OnePlus One software update).

OnePlus One KTU85Q-11.0-XNPH44S

OnePlus One KTU85Q-11.0-XNPH44S

Steps to Reset your OnePlus One Battery

  • Goto Settings, scroll down and touch the Privacy setting
  • Now touch the “Privacy Guard” setting
  • Scroll down and make sure none of the applications have privacy guard enabled (You may touch the reset icon in the top right to reset completely in one shot)
  • Now let the battery drain completely (You may play a video, audio or anything that consumes a lot of battery)
  • Once battery completely drained, phone will completely turnoff
  • Now connect your OnePlus one original charger and let it to fully charge (Do not turn on until fully charged and you see the green battery status image)
  • Once you see the fully charged image (If you’re not seeing image, a single press on power button will show the charge status i.e battery image filled with green color)
  • Now you may turn the phone On by pressing the power button (until you get a small vibration)
  • That’s it, you’re done

Before these steps my battery was discharging quite fast and didn’t last more than 8 hours even after a full charge. After performing above steps, my battery life improved significantly with 1 day 3+ hours and still had 39% battery left before I started charging again.

OnePlus One Battery Charge after fix

OnePlus One Battery Charge after fix

These ideas were compiled based on user comments in OnePlus One forum and other forums. If you are facing a similar battery charge issue, please let us know if this worked for you or any other steps you did to achieve a better battery life?

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