total user statistics in dec 2012

Google+ Crosses 500 Million Total Users With Over 135 Million Active Users!

Google+ hits another milestone today by crossing 500 million+ total users and 135 million+ active users. Back in September when we…

Total users google plus june 2012

Google+ Now Has 250 Million Total Users as of June 2012 According to Official Statistics!

Today is the official one year anniversary for the fastest growing social network Google+ (Happy birthday Google+) since the network…


It’s Official : Google+ Now Has More Than 170 Million Total Users According to Google’s Senior Executive

Few days back we covered about Google CEO’s open letter that included a mention about Google+ crossing 100 million+ active…

Official Google+ active users in march 2012

Google+ Crosses 100 Million Active Users in March 2012 According to Larry Page

Wondering how many active users does Google+ (the new social network) have? Well in january 2012, we reported that google+…

Google+ official user statistics as of Jan 2012

Google+ Has 90 Million+ Users According to Official Statistics as of Jan 2012 From Google!

Google today put an end to the speculation of How many users does Google+ actually have? As we stated in our…

Vic Gundotra of Google+ shares Tom Anderson's post

Google+ Has Reached 150 Million Active Users According to Un-Official Statistics, Really?

On October 14th 2011, we reported Google+ has reached 40 million users which was an official statistic that was announced by…


Google+ User Base Has Crossed 40 Millions and Growing – Official Statistics From Google CEO!

Google today released their 3rd quarter earnings right after the close of NASDAQ bell. As part of the earnings conference…

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