Google+ Crosses 500 Million Total Users With Over 135 Million Active Users!

Google+ hits another milestone today by crossing 500 million+ total users and 135 million+ active users. Back in September when we reported about  400 million+ total users, we also predicted the network has the potential to reach around 450 – 500 millions users by end of the year 2012.

To our’s and many others surprise, Google+ has way ahead reached that mark with still a month to go.

Congrats Google+! You did it and deserve it!! (Sorry Ghost Town fans)

As of Dec 2012, here are the latest statistics (official statistics)

total user statistics in dec 2012

500 million Google+ total users as of December 2012

  • Google+ has over 500 million+ users
  • 135 million+ active users
  • 235 million active users across Google products

For a network of this young (with just 17 months since launched as beta in June 2011) this is a remarkable achievement. We wish more success in months and years to come.

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