facebook google+ twitter total and active users december 2012

Google+ Unseats Twitter to Become the Second Largest Social Network in the World!

Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social networks in terms of total number of users (over 903 million users) as…

total user statistics in dec 2012

Google+ Crosses 500 Million Total Users With Over 135 Million Active Users!

Google+ hits another milestone today by crossing 500 million+ total users and 135 million+ active users. Back in September when we…

Total users google plus june 2012

Google+ Now Has 250 Million Total Users as of June 2012 According to Official Statistics!

Today is the official one year anniversary for the fastest growing social network Google+ (Happy birthday Google+) since the network…


It’s Official : Google+ Now Has More Than 170 Million Total Users According to Google’s Senior Executive

Few days back we covered about Google CEO’s open letter that included a mention about Google+ crossing 100 million+ active…