Google Helpouts - A secret project by google that turns hangouts into a skill trading marketplace

Google Helpouts – Commerce Grade Version of Hangouts Coming Soon?

TechCrunch ran a article this morning with screen shots from a secret Google project called Google Helpouts that would be…

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Hangout backgrounds in Google Effects App

The Google Effects App in Hangouts Introduces Beach Backgrounds!

Want to hangout like from a beach or riding a boat in Venice or even with a Glacier in the…

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Hangout With Astronauts 240 Miles Above Earth Tomorrow!

Want to hangout with astronauts orbiting the earth 240 miles in the space? Then here is your chance.

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Google+ hangouts invite with online/offline status

Now Invite Friends or People From Circles by Their Online / Offline Status in Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts is one of the most sought after and used feature in Google+. That said the feature set around it…

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White House page on Google+

The White House Joins Google+ : Get News, Behind the Scenes and Engage With Administration!

President Barack Obama joined Google+ a while ago. Now the white house has a Google+ page with tag line : Get…

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Two New Google+ Hangouts Promotional Videos From Google!

Hope you enjoyed the Google+ Muppets Hangout video we posted earlier. Here are two more new hangout promo videos from…

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Google+ Pages, Local Business Pages or Brand Product Pages Released Today!

Everyday there is something new on Google+. After successful launch of Google+ one of the most sought after feature was…

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CNN Using Google Plus Hangouts to Get in Touch With Cnn Viewers Overseas in Realtime!

Over the days we are covering about google plus hangouts and yesterday we talked about google webmaster live hours on…

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Filling My Circles

Well, I did it.  I held my breath, logged into Facebook after a year and a half and was inundated…


What Is Google+?

Google+ is a social network by Google the #1 in search engine. Even though there exists other social networks, Google…