Google+ Pages, Local Business Pages or Brand Product Pages Released Today!

Everyday there is something new on Google+. After successful launch of Google+ one of the most sought after feature was Google+ pages a.k.a. business pages or brand pages.

Couple of weeks ago in web 2.0 summit, Google’s Vic Gundotra and Sergey Brin announced that quite new features coming to Google+ including the new google+ pages in a matter of days and the day has arrived.

As expected, Google announced the launch of Google+ pages and started to roll out in phases. After hearing the news we tried to create a page for but unfortunately got an message Google+ Pages isn’t ready for everyone. We understood pages feature was not enabled for our google+ account and decided to give couple of hours before trying again. After some time we tried and it worked as expected.

Here is the Google+ news page we’ve created for this site. Please +1 and follow us on this Google+. page on Google+ page on Google+

As of this writing Google+ page supports following categories

  • Local business or place – Add your local business or a google place
  • Product or brand – A particular product or brand name
  • Company, Institution or Organization – Your company, college or any organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports – Your favorite sports team
  • Others – Anything that doesn’t fall in the above category, for e.g a site
And Google+ pages supports following features
  • Google+ hangouts – Hangout with your followers or customers (have a video conversation with your customers)
  • Google+ circles – Circle your followers or customers by creating appropriate circles
  • +1 button to help recommend your business on Google search and Ad’s
So far with all the current Google+ features, it was all about connecting people to people (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). Now with the introduction of Google+ pages it’s about taking Google+ to the next level which is connecting businesses, brands, products, companies, bands, sport teams, etc.. with their customers, followers or fan base. We believe this is going to be huge for the brand new social network.

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