Google+ Pages Isn’t Ready for Everyone Message While Creating a New Page

+Vic Gundotra of Google in a blog post announced today that Google+ pages or brand pages are released and should be soon available to everyone.

Most of the people tried to create a page for themselves at create google+ page  or by clicking on Create a Google+ page that appears on other brand pages (refer bottom of the post) has been greeted with the following message,

Google+ Pages isn’t ready for everyone

Thanks for your interest in Google+ Pages, but we haven’t finished releasing them to everyone. Please check back soon. (refer image below)

Google+ pages is not ready for everyone message

Google+ pages is not ready for everyone message

Looks like page creation is not enabled yet for everyone and it’s being enabled in stages. So, little patience we guess!!!

Meanwhile, checkout other brand pages that are already created and readily available




+The Muppets

We’ll post as soon as we find any more updates.

UPDATE: Creation of Google+ page is now enabled and it’s working. Checkout and follow us on Google+ (Google+ news)

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