New Communication Manager Role Added to Google+ Pages

Google+ pages today gets an additional role called Communication Manager besides the Owner and Manager roles.

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Link your website to your google+ page and increase brand visibility

How to Link Your Website to Your Google+ Page With a Click of a Button?

Linking your website with your google+ page has many advantages. One of the immediate advantage is appearance of your recent…

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Webmasters!, Google Friend Connect Dropped in Favor of Google+ Pages and Badges!

Google friend connect (a.k.a GFC) was a cool feature that allowed site webmaster’s to add social features to their sites…


Quick Guide : 10 Ways to Build Your Community on Google+ Using Pages!

Are you planning to leverage the full power of social media / networks and build your own community around it?…

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Google+ Pages Isn’t Ready for Everyone Message While Creating a New Page

+Vic Gundotra of Google in a blog post announced today that Google+ pages or brand pages are released and should…

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