Google+ Business Pages / Profiles for Business

Already created a business profile on Google+ or planning to create one? You should probably wait. According to Google, they want current Google+ implementation want to be consumer focused and they are also working on a solution for business. Until then it would be great if you can hold off because they may delete all business related profiles to maintain consistency among the network.

All Google is asking for is some time so they can complete all the features planned to finish. As always they don’t release anything unless it is quality – that’s what google is all about.

Some of the cool Google+ business features include but not limited to

  • Circles
  • Adwords integration
  • Rich Analytics

Here is a short video from Google that explains about Google+ business solutions

They’ve also put up a web form where businesses can signup and get test invites for business profiles

Signup to be notified about google business solution launch and a chance to be part of google+ business test group


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      They closed the signup’s they were taking earlier. I  guess soon it’ll be available to everyone according to announcements here

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