How to Do Delete a Google Plus Profile and All the Data Associated With It?

Want to delete google plus profile and the data associated with it? then please readon…

Who want to delete a google plus profile when even signing up to google plus is only by invitation and it’s hard to get one. But let’s say you created multiple profiles or testing google plus and now want to delete your profile and start fresh, then deleting your google plus profile and creating a new one is the best option. (WARNING: Deleting a profile, you may loose your invitation and you may have wait for a new invitation, this is not tested.)

Here are the steps of how to delete

  • Login into your google plus account
  • Click on the gear icon on the top most right
  • In the menu that shows up, select Google+ settings
  • Now select Account Overview on the left side
  • Under Services, now you’ll see 2 options
    • Delete profile and social features (This is the option you want to click on if you want to delete a google+ profile and it will take you to a screen with 2 options)
      • Delete Google+ Content (This is the option you want to use, to just delete your google+ content)
      • Delete your entire Google profile (This will delete your profile across google products, so don’t do that)
    • Delete account (Never do this, this will delete all your google services for example, gmail, google+, docs, etc…). But don’t worry it’ll give you a screen with full warning and a range of options to choose, so there is no way to accidentally delete.

We know, no one want’s to delete a google plus profile when people are waiting to join. Just want to highlight that delete feature with complete granular control is built into google plus right from the beginning.


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    • admin

      Like mentioned on the post, they are marked for suspension which means you won’t be able to access your account. But we think you’ll be provided with an option fix the names and appeal, once they are satisfied they’ll reenable the account.

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