Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook the Most Popular Person on Google+?

Are you surprised that facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is on Google+?

If you are surprised by the above fact, you are going to be even more surprise to know that he is one of the most popular person on Google+ circles. More than 44871 people have Mark on their circles and Mark has 69 people in his own circle (as of this writing)

Given Google+ is in limited beta and signup’s were only through invites from google which means 44871 is a huge number. But what is sad is, he hasn’t written, shared or uploaded any bit of information into his account


Mark Zuckerberg on Google+

Mark Zuckerberg


As a great founder of facebook,  the world’s largest social network with 700m+ profiles,  it would  be great to know in his own words how he feels and thinks about Google+


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