Google+ Circles Video – a New Way of Connecting and Sharing Information

Google+ Circles – A whole new way of connecting and sharing with complete control of privacy.

Here is the Google+ Circles video that explains the primary purpose of circles.

Circles is a way of grouping people so that when you share something you know your audience.

Simple example for a circle is a family. Let’s say your kid drew a nice picture. Sharing this with parents, grand parents and close family makes more sense and they will love to see them.

Create a Family circle and group your family members into it. Now when you share content, choose this circle and people only in that circle will be able to see this content.

Some examples for circles,

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Colleagues
  • Past Colleagues
  • Event Meetup
  • Alumni
  • Classmates

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