Now Invite Friends or People From Circles by Their Online / Offline Status in Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts is one of the most sought after and used feature in Google+. That said the feature set around it is growing rapidly. Recent addition of google docs inside hangouts is a great example.

Google+ hangouts invite by online / offline status

Google+ hangouts invite with online/offline status

Google+ hangouts invite with online/offline status (Courtesy: Google+)

Now we have one more cool and useful feature. Earlier while you try to add people or circles to your hangout, you type +followed by their name and on selection you see their g+ link appear in the invite box. Now with this new change, the moment you enter the invite view, you’ll see your friends or people in circles (people have you in their circles) appear as thumbnails as outlined in the image above along with their online / offline status. Cool huh?

  • Click on Start a hangout button on the right side of your Google+ stream
  • Click on Hangout button
  • Click on the Invite button on the top
  • In the Invite others to this hangout screen, you’ll find thumbnails of people on the right
  • Hover over each of the people and you’ll find status showing up as green icon as online (or other colors representing various states)
  • Clicking on the peoples thumbnail will add them to this hangout
While inviting people to hangouts, it would make more sense to invite who are online, which in turn would help increase hangout participation than ever before, Enjoy!

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