Google+ User Base Has Crossed 40 Millions and Growing – Official Statistics From Google CEO!

Google today released their 3rd quarter earnings right after the close of NASDAQ bell. As part of the earnings conference call, Google unveiled details about financial performance of the company along with statistics for some of the popular google products.

Since the launch of the Google+ social network (in 3 months), Google for the first time gave today the official user statistics of the google+ network. It’s officially a whopping 40 million users in just 3 months and growing (It’s only 3 weeks since opened for public signup). These numbers are huge for any other company but in google’s benchmark they have higher numbers in mind and they are working towards it. We can expect to see more and more features over the coming weeks and months.

Some of the key statistics revealed as part of the conference call today

  • Google+ social network has over 40 million users and it’s growing
  • They have released over 100+ features in the last 90 days (3 months since the launch of google+)
  • Hangouts on phone, Hangouts on Air (spectators or broadcasting feature that allows more than max 9 user limit)
  • black eyed peas hangout from his concert in NYC
  • Share your circles
  • Public signup of Google+ network (without invites)
  • Over 3.4 billion photos uploaded in Google+
  • Plan to introduce Google+ into most of the Google products with a social touch
  • New visual design, beautiful and consistent UI across all Google products
  • Google chrome web browser has crossed the 200 million+ users and growing fast
  • Google maps is now launched in 130 countries
  • Growth of Android is phenomenal, over 190 million android devices activated world wide
  • Releasing soon the next version of Android (codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich) [Release delayed honoring Mr. Steve Jobs]
  • Revenue from mobile has grown 250% and with the last 12 months brought around $2.5 billion
40 million users is a great start for a brand new social network in just under 3 months. As Google+ listens to user feedback and adds more and more features, there is no doubt in our mind (or anyone for that matter), it is going to reach new heights in the coming weeks and month. Good Luck!!!

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