How to Share Circles in Google+? Yes Now You Can Share Your Circles With Other People or Other Circles!!

Ever wondered how to share circles in google+? Now you can. Sharing circles was one of most sought out feature by many of the google+ users. With this new update, sharing of circles is officially there.

Let’s say you create a artists circle and added artists you found on google+ to it. Now if you want to share this circle with other google+’ers or other circles, the only way you could have done is manually create a post with links pointing to each artists profile and then share it. After sharing, your friends or circles, have to create a circle and add them one by one. It is cumbersome and still not useful.

With this new update rolled out today, you don’t have to do any of that. Sharing of Google+ circle is a breeze.

Here are the steps of how to share a circle

  • Click on the circles tab on your Google+ profile
  • In the circles view, click on the circle you want to share
  • Once you clicked on the circles, you’ll find immediately 3 links Edit, Delete & Share (in the same place you clicked on the circle)
  • Click  on the share link
  • A share circle dialog will appear
  • You’ll find a textfield to enter comments, you may type in a comment here
  • Below you’ll find a Add circles or people to share with… link, click on it and add a person or circle name you want to share this circle with
  • Click on the Share button
  • That’s it, the circle you shared will appear on the person or the circles stream
  • They’ll provided with 2 options Add Circle or View people in circle
  • Clicking on Add circle will add this circle to their list of circles (and they’ll immediately start seeing posts from people in that circle in their stream)
  • Clicking on the View people in circle will just display list of people in the circle

Share option after clicking on a circle in the circles view

Share option in a circle
Share option in a circle

Share dialog after clicking on the share link

Share a circle dialog in Google+

Share a circle dialog in Google+

Shared circle appearing in the stream of a Google+ profile (after shared by someone)

A shared circle appears in a persons Google+ profile

A shared circle appears in a persons Google+ profile

Now we can see circles being shared all over the place. for e.g How about creating a SeaHawks circle and sharing among SeaHawks fans… Cool huh!!

NOTE: If a share link doesn’t show up in your circle, please wait. It might take a while before everyone gets the update.

For privacy reasons, your circle name will be never shared. For the people you shared with, it’ll show as <name> shared a circle with you (refer above image)

Here is sharing a circle in Google+ video


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  1. Bryan

    So, when I share a circle with someone, what does it reveal about the individual members of that circle?  Do the people in my circle know that they have been shared with someone else?

    • Kringo

      It depends. When you share a circle with someone, all the people in the circle’s public profile is visible to the people / circle you shared with. While sharing the circle, If you share with people outside (excluding the people in the circle), they won’t know.

      • Bryan

        Thanks Kringo.  So, I’m not really revealing anything to anyone that they haven’t already chosen to reveal (make public) through their own settings; do I have that right?  Sorry, I’m new to the whole social networking thing; and primarily because I bailed on FB very early on when they didn’t feel I should control my own privacy.

        • admin

          yes, you are correct. google+ was right from beginning designed with privacy in mind. so, unless the author of the profile choose to reveal certain detail public, it’ll stay private. that said, you can be confident.

  2. Mbrayne

    Ok – so I’ve followed the instructions step by step, & watched the video. I’m doing exactly as described. I’ve shared a circle from one business page I manage to another business page I manage – and I’ve created my ‘real estate’ circle, selected all the people/pages I’d like to add to that circle, and clicked ‘add to real estate circle’ and it comes up with the error message, ‘You can’t add one or more of these people or pages to your circles’.

    So can someone please explain what I’m doing wrong? All of these are pages/people who are publicly available to be followed – not sure if this makes a difference or not?

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