Share Content With Google+ Using Google Plus One Button From Any Site That Has a +1 Button

Almost everyday there is a brand new feature released by google and google plus team. Last few days we wrote post about Google+ integration in Gmail and Google+ invitation signup notification.

Now another new feature rolling out in the next few days – this time rich integration between google plus and google plus one button. With this feature you would be able to share any piece of the content from any site that has +1 button with your friends and circles with the convenience of just clicking the +1 button.

According to Google, over 1 million sites use the google +1 button and it generates over 4 billion impressions every day. So far the +1 button was very limited i.e when you click on it, all it does is increment the +1 count from a user standpoint(but does more than that behind the scenes, when a user is logged in and searches for a keyword, if your friend or someone in your circle has +1’d it, it provides information about who else +1’d it).

With this new upcoming feature, whenever you click on a +1 button in addition to incrementing the counter, you’ll also find a link Share on Google+ in the bubble dialog which will allow you to share that piece of content with your friends, family or anybody in your google+ circles. +1 will automatically include title, description and image about that content, you can type in a comment and share it. It’ll appear immediately on the in-stream of people or circle’s you shared with. Awesome huh!!

Here is a video from google that outlines above mentioned features

Keeping google+’ing and +1’ing!!!


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  1. Ken

    I really wish I could use the +1 service…but since I spend money with Google as a Google Apps user…and really have NO DESIRE to manage another email account (i.e.: free Gmail account)…I can’t use Google +1…neither can anyone that works for me in my organization. That really sucks.

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