How to Link/replace Your Blogger or Blogspot Profile With Google+ Profile?

Are you a blogger or blogspot user and write blog posts? Normally the blog post you wrote will be searched and indexed by google search engine and will be found in SERP’s.

Now, do you like your blog post to have some additional value or authority by showing your picture and name next to it? Think about when you friends or people you know see it… They are going to trust the post since it’s from you than a post from a stranger, right? (like the image below)

Blogger Author Google+ profile in SERP's

Blogger Author Google+ profile in SERP's

If you would have noticed the kind of Google+ integration that every google product getting lately. Now it’s blogger / blogspot time. Very soon they are integrating Google+ with blogger and soon to be renamed as Google blogs.

As a first step of the Google+ integration with blogger / blogspot, they allow all existing blogger user to replace their default blogger profile with your Google+ profile.

The process is simple,

  • You must have a Blogger account
  • You must have a Google+ account
  • Click on this switch profile to google+ link
  • Check the checkbox next to I’ve read the above and fully understand that my public Google+ profile will now be associated with all of my blogs, and I’m ready to switch to Google+ profile on Blogger.
  • Click on the Switch Now button
  • That’s it (Now every time you publish a blog post you google+ profile is attached to it)
WARNING: If you blog under a pseudonym or a anonymous name or don’t like to reveal your name, you may not want to attach your Google+ profile to your blog. This is completely optional and up to you to decide.


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