How to Connect and Post to Google+ From Blogger or Blogspot?

We’ve earlier covered about How to post to blogger right from Google+? and also How to link and replace your blogger profile with Google+ profile?.

But we get this question all the time from readers about doing the reverse i.e How do i post automatically to Google+ right from /

Until today it was not possible to do that. Now there is good news. As part of the effort by Google to socialize their products, Blogger team today rolled out a feature that allows exactly what you were asking for. A tighter integration between blogger and Google+ and it allows to share your post with your Google+ friends, circles or others right from

How to post to Google+ from blogger?

Connect Google+ with Blogger
Connect Google+ with Blogger
  • Follow steps outlined in switch your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile
  • Refer image above for connecting blogger to Google+
  • Write a post as usual on blogger
  • Publish the post
  • Once successfully published, you’ll be presented with a Google+ share box
  • Enter a comment, Add people or circles and hit Share
  • That’s it. Your blog post is instantly posted to Google+
Google+ share box after publishing post
Google+ share box after publishing post

How to turn off sharing with Google+? (This will disable the Google+ share box from appearing after publishing)

  • Turn Off Google+ Sharing in Blogger
    Turn Off Google+ Sharing in Blogger

    Goto your blog on

  • Find the blog you want to change settings
  • Click on Settings in the drop down menu next to your blog
  • Click on Posts and Comments
  • Change Yes to No under Share to Google+
  • Click on Save settings button on the top right
  • That’s it, This will prevent the Google+ share from showing up

Another way to share to Google+

Bogger post Google+ share link
Bogger post Google+ share link

Enter into your blog, click on the Posts link and you’ll find list of posts on the right. Right below every post you’ll also find a Share link that’ll allow to share to Google+ (refer image above)

Enjoy sharing content between blogger and Google+.

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      1. did anyone find an answer to this? coz i also want to now how to post to the page specifically not to the profile

          1.  For %$#@ sake somebody tell us how to publish a Blogger post to Google + Pages and NOT the profile.

  1. When I share the blogger post to G+ the image it encloses in the G+ post is a small thumbnail rather than the much larger thumbnail you get when adding a picassa image directly to the G+ post.  Any idea how to overcome this?

  2. Thanks, but how to you post to your google plus PAGE, not as a person but as your specific page youve created for a business etc?

  3. hi! brilliant and very useful post, thanks a million! it really does work like a charm…..

    the thumbnail that gets attached to all posts to google+ is my blogspot header.  is there anyway to use an image that is in the blog post rather than the default blog header?

    many thanks, i’m very excited that this worked!

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