Google Contacts Gets Google+ Integration : View Your Contacts Phone, Email, Address, Etc., Details While Viewing His/her Google+ Profile

Contacts ( is the latest google product to get Google+ integration and so the social features. Watch your contacts details appear on in his/her G+ profile (of course it is private and only visible to you).

Google contacts with Google+ features

When you are a Gmail user and manage your contacts with google contacts (phone, email, address), with this new G+ integration you can quickly, securely and privately see these contact information under your contacts Google+ profile (refer image below).

Google contacts appear in Google+ profile

Google contacts appear in Google+ profile

This change is going to make searching for people in google search a breeze. If you are logged into your google account and signed up with google+, instead of searching for a person elsewhere in various products you could just search on your favorite search engine. Clicking on search result with Google+ profile instantly gives you access to that persons public data as well as private data (only to you) when you have him/her in your contacts.

Here is how the above contact data appears under google contacts

Your contacts data in Google contacts with G+ profile

Your contacts data in Google contacts with G+ profile

When you are logged in, Google search engine is becoming more and more personalized and brings more customized results than ever before (as more google products gets integrated).

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