Google+ Ranks 8th Position in Top 10 US Social Networks and Blogs According to Nielsen’s Report!

Nielsen’s, a global leader in measurement and information has released their infamous Nielsen’s tops 0f 2011 report by reviewing top online destinations, social media sites and smartphones.

Summary of Nielsen’s Tops of 2011 report

Google+ was #8 out of top 10 social networks and blog in the US

Google+ was #8 out of top 10 social networks and blog in the US

  • Google is ranked #1 of the Top 10 US Web brands in 2011 with an average of 153,441k unique visitors
  • Facebook is ranked #1 of the Top 10 US social networks and blogs
  • Google+ is ranked #8 of the Top 10 US social networks and blogs
  • YouTube ranked #1 of the Top 10 U.S. Online destinations for video
  • Apple ranked #1 in Top 5 smartphone device manufacturers

The original report can be read here. This is a remarkable achievement by newcomer Google+ reaching #8 spot on the Top 10 US social networks and blogs category. Being relatively new to the social network market with just few months under the belt after opening up for public signup and gaining a spot in the top 10 spot, Amazing huh?

Guess what? This chart (image) is going to be very interesting to watch by end of next year i.e 2012. If our prediction and guesses are right, we could easily see Google+ being the #2 spot in the above chart.

Reasons why we think #2 spot in 2012 is achievable

  • Almost every google product that we use daily (search, gmail, youtube, picasa, etc) is getting a social integration touch with Google+
  • Over billion users use Google and by just clicking on the +You link they’ll be able to join Google+ instantly (remember google is the #1 in top US web brands category)
  • Blogger or BlogSpot (a google property) is currently holding #2 spot in US social networks and blogs category. Blogger undergone tremendous changes and integration for e.g. connect blogger with Google+, replace blogger profile with Google+ profile, renaming of blogger, etc.
  • YouTube which holds #1 spot among top US online destinations for video has received rich integration with Google+ for e.g. Watch youtube through hangouts, search watch youtube videos in google+, launch hangouts from youtube, recording hangouts, etc.
  • Unique features and frequent updates to the network almost every day (Google is very serious with their social strategy)
  • Listening to user feedback and incorporating changes (key to any project success)
Let’s wait and watch the game. Readers, what do you think? Please share your thoughts through comments below.


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  1. Dw

    It is already few months it has been introduced. Still unable to come in top 3 means. Googles yet another failure like google docs, google buzz,

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