Top 10 Most Popular Google+ Users With Over Million+ Followers!

Wondering which G+ user to circle/follow or curious about most popular/followed people on Google+? Aim of this post is to answer that question by listing top 10 most followed people on Google+.

Google+ top 10 users with million+ followers

Google+ top 10 users with million+ followers

As of this writing there are over 90 million+ users on Google+ and it’s growing rapidly with half a million users joining everyday. Listing all of them in order will be literally impossible and harder for the end users to consume. So, we thought of just listing the top 10 most followed / popular Google+ users.

Britney spears still tops the chart being #1 most followed person on G+ followed closely in followers count by Snoop Dogg.

Top 10 G+ users with million+ followers

  1. Britney Spears : 1920055 followers (profile)
  2. Snoop Dogg : 1727225 followers (profile)
  3. Larry Page : 1603754 followers (Google CEO profile)
  4. Tyra Banks : 1423611 followers (International icon and model profile)
  5. Ashley Tisdale : 1345139 followers (profile)
  6. Richard Branson : 1343663 followers (Founder of Virgin Group Company profile)
  7. Hugh Jackman : 1293375 followers (An australian actor and producer profile)
  8. Felicia Day : 1289999 followers (profile)
  9. Dane Cook : 1288542 followers (profile)
  10. Paris Hilton : 1260314 followers (profile)
Above mentioned count of followers was observed which writing this post and may change frequently.

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