Thanksgiving Doodle With Customization, Link and Google+ Share!

Today is Thanksgiving in the US and as usual Google has released a doodle celebrating it. But this time it is different with 3 new unique features never seen before.

Unfortunately this won’t work outside US, so we are sharing it as a image (don’t worry you may see similar doodles in your region based on your popular regional celebrations)

Thanksgiving Doodle with Google+

Thanksgiving Doodle with Google+

We have seen Google doodles with images, the word google in many designs, animations, videos and even games (pacman).

But this one is entirely unique with features mentioned below

  • A totally customizable doodle (You can customize the face, features and even the shoes of this turkey)
  • After customization, clicking on the wing animates the doodle
  • First time, a Google+ share button on the doodle (It’ll instantly show you the Google+ share dialog and allows to share with your circles)
  • A link option that uses the new shortener that allows to share the link with anyone outside Google+ (
  • It automatically fills in a short description with #turkeydoodle hashtag
Unfortunately Google+ share on the doodle doesn’t support Google+ pages which would have been nice and helped page admins to share the Thanksgiving doodle with their community.  (We really want to share on the Google+ news google+ page)

Here is the link for the above customized Google doodle.

Enjoy and have fun with Thanksgiving!!

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