How to Send a Private Message in Google Plus?

Want to send a private message to friend or someone on google plus? Here is how you do it…

Since there is no specific tab or link on the google+ interface, it could be a little harder to figure out how to send a private message.

The good news is private message feature is built in into the google+ right from the beginning.

Here are the steps…

  • Click on the Google+ logo or the Home tab
  • Type your message in the share what’s new textbox
  • Click on the Add circle or people to share with link and type in the persons name with who you want to private message (refer screenshot below)
  • As you type persons name, it’ll show you suggestions, Select the persons name
  • Once it identifies the persons name, it’ll turn into a blue box which means that person is identified (If google+ can’t find the person’s name it will automatically clear out)
  • Now click on the Share button and voila you have sent the private message to the desired person or friend
  • With this method, you not only send private messages, you can send links, videos, photos, locations, etc..

The same way you can share the message, link, videos, photos, locations with more than one person, circles, extended circles, etc..

Even though there is no specific UI for sending messages or private messages, having a single UI interface to share content with one person, many person, circles, extended circles or the public alike reduces clutter and helps to do more in less time.

Send Private Message in GooglePlus

Sending private message in google plus


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