How to Reorder Circles in Google+?

Circles is a whole new concept introduced in google+ and it is undeniably one of the most popular feature in google+.

We create several circles, one for friends, family, colleagues, celebrities & others and add people to it. Day after day peoples in circles grow and so are the circles itself. As we get to add more and more circles, it becomes harder to add people by clicking on the Add to Circles link next to any users profile.

By default circles are ordered in the order you created them. Recently google+ team introduced re-ordering of circles. It is really simple. Click on the Circles tab on the top and you’ll be in circles view. Now just choose any circle and drag it to before or after any of your other circles and drop it and do it till you want to sort all other circles. That’s it, the circles are ordered according to your preference. It can’t be easier than that.

Now when you visit any profile and click on Add to Circles, it’s really easier to find the circles you are looking since it’s ordered.

Circles before ordering

Circles before ordering

Circles after ordering

Circles after reordering

Add to Circles menu after ordering

Add to circles menu

Request for Google+ team

Reordering by dragging and dropping circles is great, however we request the google+ team, a sort by (circles) name feature in alphabetical sequence by ascending or descending order (similar to sort by firstname, lastname option, sorting people in the same circles view).

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